Own a Business and Want to Install a Commercial Swimming Pool? 3 Things to Consider First

If you own a business and want to install a commercial swimming pool, there are many things you need to consider before you choose the type of pool you want. Below are three of these things for you to think about so you can begin the process of getting the swimming pool installed on your property.


The first thing to consider is where you plan to put the swimming pool. You want to make sure there is enough area around the pool for you to have room for tables, lounge chairs, and more. You may also want to consider having enough space to install a kiddie pool separate from the main pool. This way parents can enjoy spending time in the pool and still be able to keep an eye on their children.

You also may want to consider installing a few hot tubs close to the pool or a few fire pits if it gets cooler at night where you are located.

Pool Shape

Another thing to consider is the shape of the pool. You could choose a standard rectangular pool and choose the length and width that you would like. There are also pools in other shapes. For example, you could be unique and choose a pool shaped like a circle or an oval. There are also kidney pools, which are curved.

Choose a figure eight pool and have one end be shallow water and the other end deeper water. L-shaped pools are also available, as well as geometrically shaped pools. What you choose will depend on how much space you have available, because some shapes take up more space.

Pool Features

There are many pool features available. One feature is swimming pool lighting. These lights are installed under the water to light up the pool at night. You could choose different colored lights to make the pool unique, as well as lights of different shapes.

You can also add a waterfall to the pool. The water from the waterfall can fall into the pool. For example, the company you hire to install the waterfall can install a pump to pump the water from the pool and then push the water through the waterfall. This way the water constantly circulates, so no extra water is used. 

Talk with a custom pool building business like Hollywood Pools And Spas about this information. They can help you choose the location, shape, and features of your new pool