4 Pool Remodeling Design Tips For Winter And Spring Improvements Before Summer

The best time to do renovations and remodeling to your pool is during the winter months, which can sometimes extend through early spring. To get ready for the summer opening, you want to do all the major repairs to your pool. Here are some tips to help with remodeling pool design and improvements to do before summer opening:

1. Upgrading the Pool Shape and Depth for A More Modern Design

The old shape and depth of your pool may be conventional square or kidney-shaped with a deep area. Today, a trend with modern pool designs is to make the depth of pools shallower. When remodeling your pool consider designs that give your pool a unique shape and making the depth shallower for a safer swimming area and more options for entertainment like underwater seating with poolside bar area.

2. Installing Modern Filtration Solutions That Reduce Maintenance and Chemicals

Older pool filtration systems use filter cartridges and a lot of chemicals to keep the water clean for swimming. If you have an older filtration system, upgrades are probably a priority for your pool renovation project. There are options like sand and salt filter systems that can improve water quality or natural filtration that can have features like plants and wildlife integrated into the design of your pool and hardscaping.

3. Integrating Spa and Sauna Features into The Design of Your Pool Remodel

Hot tubs and saunas are great features that you will want to add to your pool area. A spa is something that can easily be integrated into the design of the pool when doing renovations, but you will need to build a space for a sauna. Consider options for smaller wood sauna designs that can be installed in inconspicuous spaces in pool areas and near your hot tub features.

4. Hardscaping and Water Features That Help Improve the Design of Pool Areas

Hardscaping can be a great solution to make pool areas look more natural and inviting. You may want to consider improvements to your pool area with hardscaping like grottos with synthetic rocks or rock gardens. In addition, there are also water features that can flow over hardscaping and have functional purposes for water filtration.

These are some tips to help with the remodeling design and improvements to do to your pool before summer opening. If you are ready to start remodeling and improving your pool, contact a pool renovation service such as After Hours Pool Service to get started with these improvements before summer.