3 Tips To Keep Your First Hot Tub In Good Shape

Adding a hot tub or spa to your home is a great way to add some rest and relaxation to your life and it could also help make your home a favorite of family and friends. But if you want to keep hosting hot tub or spa parties for long into the future, you'll want to take steps to make sure your tub remains in good shape. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for managing your first hot tub.

Keep It Moving

If you want the water to remain clean even when you're not using it, you should keep it moving through your tub's filter system on a regular basis. Many modern hot tubs have an auto option that will turn on the tub and allow the water to circulate at least once a day, just to get the water moving through the system and keep it clean. If your hot tub does not have this option, try to remember to do this at least every couple of days. A tub with regularly circulating water is a cleaner tub than a tub that has water always at a standstill.

Scrub That Tub

While circulating the water will help keep it clean for a while, you should still remember to drain the tub completely and give it a scrubbing every one to two weeks. If you want a home solution that works great, just reach for some white vinegar and dab it along the spa and around the jets. This can help keep mildew away if you do frequently keep water in the tub.

Change the Filters

Just like your home HVAC system has a filter that needs to be changed every so often, so does your hot tub. Failing to change your tub's filters on a regular basis will lead to a clog and dirty water. You don't have to change the filters every time you drain the tub but if you are using the tub frequently, you should soak the filters in a chemical filter cleaner every time you drain the spa. 

Keeping your spa or hot tub in good condition really isn't that hard as long as you remember to pay attention to it. Circulate the water once a day if possible and drain the tub and wipe it down at least every two weeks. For best results, contact a local company that offers spa services and you can have a professional come out to your home and perform this maintenance for you. Visit a site like http://www.anchorpools.com for more help.