Why You’ll Enjoy Having A Screen Enclosure On Your Swimming Pool

If you love spending time in your pool but hate being driven indoors by mosquitoes, then you should think about having a pool enclosure installed. You'll get more enjoyment from your pool and have an extended outdoor living space at the same time. Here are some benefits of getting an enclosure for your pool.

The Screen Blocks Mosquitoes And Other Pests

The biggest advantage of getting a pool enclosure is to keep mosquitoes away. You'll be able to swim any hour of the day or night without being bothered by bugs. Of course, you'll need to have rips and other damage repaired when needed so bugs can't find their way inside. By keeping out flies, wasps, mosquitoes, and other bugs, you'll be able to leave your patio doors open and use the enclosed area as an additional living space where you can dine by the pool and relax in the yard without being bothered by bugs. Plus, there won't be bugs floating in the water that you constantly have to dip out.

A pool enclosure also keeps other pests out of your pool such as snakes and raccoons, so an enclosure is a great way to keep your pool separated from all types of bothersome wildlife and it allows you to enjoy the outdoors.

A Screened Enclosure Filters The Sun

While your pool will still get some sunlight and natural light will filter through, the mesh screen blocks some of the sun so you can enjoy swimming with a lowered risk of UV exposure and getting a sunburn. Plus, the chlorine in your pool might even last longer due to filtered sunlight as compared to a pool that is in full sun.

An Enclosed Pool Is Easier To Clean

Having a screen cage over your pool helps keep it clean and that means less work for you. The screen blocks leaves, needles, grass clippings, bugs, and other debris from getting in the water and polluting your pool. You may find the chemicals are easier to balance and your water stays sparkling clear with less maintenance when your pool is enclosed.

A screen enclosure covers more than just the pool. The enclosure usually attaches to the back of your house and doubles as a screen room that's almost as good as adding an extra room to your home. Since the patio and pool are enclosed with a screen, you have some privacy and boundaries that keep people out of your space and allow you to flow from indoors to outdoors so you can use your enclosure daily for reading the paper in the morning or taking a midnight swim. Contact a company, like Enclosure Rescue Inc, for more help.