2 Tips For Adding Water To Your Hot Tub In The Winter Time

Winter is the perfect time to get some good use out of your hot tub. It may be cold outside, but the water inside of your hot tub is nice and toasty. When using your hot tub in the winter time, there are a few things you need to know about adding water to hot tubs in the winter.

#1 Don't Change All Of Your Water At Once

Although it is generally recommended that you change the water in your hot tub every few months, you shouldn't remove all the water from your hot tub when it is freezing outside. Removing all the water from your hot tub all at once when it is freezing outside increases the risk of your pipes freezing.

In the winter, you should change out small amounts of water at a time. Remove half-a-foot to a foot of water at a time, and then allow that water to reheat. This is the best way to protect your pipes inside of your hot tub from freezing while ensuring you have fresh water in your hot tub. It is not the same as draining all the water from your hot tub all at once, it is a helpful workaround in the winter time.

#2 Keep Snow Out Of Your Hot Tub

If you live somewhere where it snows, don't try to use the snow outside to fill up your hot tub. Get out your garden hose and use it to fill up your hot tub.

Adding snow to your hot tub is not a smart idea for multiple reasons. First, just because the snow looks clean doesn't mean that it is clean. Snow contains lots of impurities inside of it. Although your filter may be able to remove some of those impurities, adding snow to your hot tub puts unnecessary stress on your hot tub filter.

Additionally, the pH of the snow is not going to work with your hot tub. Adding a bunch of snow to your hot tub is going to throw off the balance that you work so hard to maintain in your hot tub. You will have to add lots of chemicals to your hot tub to get the balance right again, which can put your hot tub out of commission as the chemicals work together.

Dealing with the water in your hot tub is a little different during the cold winter months. You should not pour all of the water out of your hot tub at once, instead, you should gradually replace portions of water. You should also never add snow to your hot tub; it is not as clean as it looks and can ruin the careful chemical balance in your hot tub.